snow days.

We don't get snow often here. We get a few good inches to play in about every other year. And just a couple of inches is enough to close schools and paralyze the city a bit. (Don't laugh too hard mid-west friends!) Wednesday and Thursday of last week brought some bitter cold temperatures for us - highs in the teens with wind chills in the single digits - thanks to the winds out of the Gorge. It was spitting flakes when I took Max to school Thursday and sure enough they let kids out of school early. Most likely due to the crazy cold temps and wind. Friday saw more snow but sunny skies! Perfect weather for playing in the snow! (And while I did take photos - I am a novice at snow photos, let alone snow photos on a bright sunny day!) Saturday was overcast and cold and the wind was gone. Max, dad and Sammy went out to play, and this big, pregnant lady ventured out to the garage to snap a few shots. I was in my PJs and Uggs - the prego lady outfit for a little snappity-snapping away!

So after that big long explanation, I give you my one and only, wonderful boy in the snow!...(Oh, and his dog.)