as we are, with you

new year. new project with this talented group of friends. i'd like my kids to see me in a few pictures someday. among the thousands i have of them, there are very few of me.

a nice shot by my son, Maxwell. (and i'd say he did pretty amazing for using BBF!) it's a simple snapshot really, but what i see is this: it feels like usually one of us can only be in focus at a time in this triad of brother, sister and mother. in this shot it was me which i feel like never happens. that girl putting some snack-food item in her mouth is usually the focal point. heck, she's always the focal point right now. she'll be two a month from today. she requires way too much of my attention most days. and Maxwell, poor kid is always out of the picture, out of shot, behind the scenes. he's off doing something alone. he's still the only child in many ways. man oh man it makes me feel bad. i know i shouldn't feel bad, but i do. i know that as parents we can't do it all for all of our kids all of the time, but i totally would if i could some days.

we'd all be right there in front of the lens: fast shutter speed - no blur, low ISO - no graininess, stopped way down - so we were each clearly seen for who we are.